Since we sustainably do not collect, store, process or pass on any data and certainly no personal data, we consistently comply with the GDPR. If any changes should occur, you can read it on this page.


We do not store any personal data and only use cookies that are necessary for the operation of the website. This concerns the efficient use of the content management system (CraftCMS).

Web server log files

When visiting this website, the following data will be stored automatically in a log file on the web server (computer that provides this website):

  • Address of the website retrieved (URL)
  • Time of the page request
  • Quantity of data sent in bytes
  • Source (link) from which the website was reached
  • Browser type
  • System software
  • IP address (anonymised)

The data collected will be stored for 30 days in order to be viewed in case of malfunctions or illegitimate use.