SDG 6 in the Austrian Parliament

On June 14, 2023, the UniNEtZ SDG 6 team visited Parliament's plenary lounge and presented "Water from A-Z" at four themed tables:

Table A for "Old Water" was all about the special resource of "deep groundwater". Due to its location, this important reserve for the drinking water supply is well protected from contamination and is stored in the underground for decades or even thousands of years. Gerhard Schubert and Annett Uhmann from GeoSphere Austria informed and discussed with interested parties where and how deep groundwater occurs and is used and what would be necessary for more careful handling. In addition, commercial mineral waters from deep groundwater up to 40,000 years old were offered for tasting.

Florian Borgwardt from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) was available for discussions on the topic of water ecology at table B - "Biology and Ecology of Water". The focus was on the valuable ecological functions of inland waters, moors and wetlands and the need to protect and restore these accordingly.

Table C, such as "City and urban hydraulic engineering", was dedicated to the interplay of water scarcity and heavy precipitation in urban areas and its connection to the "local water balance". Daniela Fuchs-Hanusch from Graz University of Technology and Günter Langergraber (BOKU) discussed the role of blue-green-brown infrastructures and water use efficiency with the table visitors. The connection between soil, water and plants was illustrated using demonstration objects.

At table Z - "Back into the cycle", a food tasting session encouraged people to discuss the possibilities of reusing nutrients and water from wastewater streams. Martin Regelsberger reported on "Edible Cities" and the great potential of productive green spaces in the city to close material cycles in cities.

Elisabeth Kopf (University of Applied Arts) and Sandra Nicolics (BOKU) supported the conception and implementation of the SDG 6 event

SDG 6 Gruppenfoto

Source: Parlamentsdirektion/Wieser