UniNEtZ - Policy Statement „Transformation of higher education institutions to pioneers of societal sustainability“


UniNEtZ-Policy Statement: Background information In the second project phase, UniNEtZ focusses on contributions to the transformation of society towards sustainability. In order to realize the claim to be pioneers of societal sustainability, higher education institutions have to transform theirselves first.
Against this background, the idea and elaboration of the policy statement for the transformation of higher education institutions began on the 3rd of June 2022 at a project meeting in Linz (Austria). In the following weeks and months an intensive writing and discussion process started, which took into account all comments, feedbacks, etc. In the end, a final version of the policy statement was submitted on the 15th of September 2022.

In this sense, the policy statement is a bottom-up document submitted by the participants in UniNEtZ II, as are the individual options and the options report. The Steering Committee accompanied this process and formally adopted the policy statement after finalizing the text. The extensive discussion with the UniNEtZ community, representatives of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) and international experts at the UniNEtZ-Meeting on 19th of September 2022 at the Mozarteum University showed great interest in and broad agreement with the Policy Statement. International initiatives (Earth for All) and institutions (International Science Council: Unleashing Science”; European University Association: “Universities without Walls a Mission for 2030”) strengthen us as a UniNEtZ community in our demands resulting from our awareness of growing social responsibility.

Those who know about grievances and remain silent, those who know about the need for action and do not act, make themselves jointly responsible for unsustainable development.