Ideas for a global culture of remembering

  • Location: Erlerstraße 6, Innsbruck
  • Date: 30.01.2024, 19:00 Uhr

Violence must never be forgotten: Ideas for a global culture of remembering. Diverse societies must keep alive different memories of violence and discrimination. Mirjam Zadoff in conversation with Dirk Rupnow. More information may be found here.


20 years of university law

  • Location: University Vienna
  • Date: 12.06.2023, 09:00 – 13:30

The Trilateral Meeting 2023 will focus on governance and discuss it from different perspectives: How has it been implemented, how has it worked, is there a need for further development, and if so, in which direction? However, it is not only the governance of the universities by the ministry that will be addressed, but also, in particular, the governance within the universities in the interaction of the rectorate, the university council and the senate. The modes of appointment of the individual bodies will also be discussed, as well as the distribution of tasks between them.
Information, program and registration can be found here.