UniNEtZ Carousel

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: 18.10.2024, 09:00 – 12:00

The UniNEtZ Carousel is a format that invites all UniNEtZ participants to exchange ideas on various topics. Anyone can offer slots on desired topics. Please send the registration for a slot to



  • Location: AWK Düsseldorf
  • Date: 11.10.2024

The "Great Transformation" - a project of the century between reality and utopia. All information about the event can be found here. Registration is possible here.


2nd Transatlantic Symposium on Sustainable Development in Higher Education

  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Date: 10. – 11.10.2024

The Symposium will mobilise the scientific communities in North America and in Europe working on matters related to sustainable development in higher education and foster a greater dialogue among them. More information may be found here. Registration is requested


Symposium on climate protection participation

  • Location: Steiermarkhof Graz
  • Date: 07.10.2024

Climate protection succeeds when as many people as possible get involved.The 2nd "Ich tu's" symposium will therefore address important issues relating to greater public participation in climate protection in the form of specialist presentations and workshops. Commitment and the desire for co-determination can be encouraged. However, it is sometimes difficult to get people to participate in climate protection measures. We will therefore be asking questions such as: How do participation processes succeed? What framework conditions are necessary? Which methods are helpful? How can resistance be avoided and the ability to act be strengthened? The invitation can be found here. The registration form can be found here.


UniNEtZ Final Event

  • Location: Salzburg
  • Date: 30.09. – 01.10.2024

We would like to finish UniNEtZ II with an interesting event and provide an outlook for the future. We therefore cordially invite you all to the 2-day event "Future Dialogue - Responsibility and Transformation". The program includes interesting keynote(s), various discussion formats, artistic interventions and much more. We ask for early registration here in order to be able to plan the event well. Further information will follow shortly!


k3 congress on climate communication

  • Location: Graz
  • Date: 25. – 26.09.2024

The next k3 Congress for Climate Communication will take place in Graz from September 25-26, 2024. More information may be found here.


Summit of the Future: Multilateral Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

  • Date: 22. – 23.09.2024

The Summit is a high-level event, bringing world leaders together to forge a new international consensus on how we deliver a better present and safeguard the future. It will take a look at the "how" – how do we cooperate better to deliver on the above aspiration and goals? How do we better meet the needs of the present while also preparing for the challenges of the future? More informations may be found here.


Symposium “Democracy & Compromise”

  • Location: Darmstadt, Deutschland
  • Date: 19. – 21.09.2024

Opinions, challenges and conflicts come together in places where people meet. It is not only “in politics” that things become political, but also in private, professional and leisure spaces. In order to be able to resolve these conflicts and compromises in the midst of increasing dynamics and sharper politicization and to strengthen common coexistence, we will deal with compromises as a little-researched conflict resolution strategy. More information and registration can be found here.


UniNEtZ Carousel

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: 13.09.2024, 09:00 – 12:00

The UniNEtZ Carousel is a format that invites all UniNEtZ participants to exchange ideas on various topics. Anyone can offer slots on desired topics. Please send the registration for a slot to


World Symposium on Climate Literacy

  • Location: Manchester, UK
  • Date: 09. – 11.09.2024

Climate change literacy is crucial as it may empower individuals and communities with the knowledge to understand the impacts of climate change, the underlying science, and the strategies needed for mitigation and adaptation. The Symposium aims to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners and educators engaged with climate literacy to exchange their knowledge and perspectives. It also aims to offer a valuable platform to enable climate literacy providers and users from the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East regions to depeen their knowledge on the topic and enhance networks. The theme of the Symposium, "Combining the Theory and Practice of Climate Change Literacy” reflects the intention to offer participants an opportunity to present what they are doing, both in research and reflections on climate literacy principles, and their implementation in practice. More informations may be found here.



  • Location: Reichenau an der Rax, Niederösterreich
  • Date: 19. – 21.08.2024

Under the title “Change:Ability. Transformative Education for Sustainable Development", we are putting the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) at the center of the workshops and lectures and looking at how we can act confidently for a sustainable future even in the face of many crises. You can find more information here. Registration is requested.


Vienna Climate Biennale

  • Date: 05.04. – 14.07.2024

Interdisciplinary, low-threshold and interactive: this is how the first Vienna Climate Biennale presents itself. The innovative climate art festival starts on April 5 and ends on July 14. For 100 days, the focus will be on the potential of art, design, architecture and science with regard to a sustainable future worth living and the social impact of climate change. The biennial, initiated by the City of Vienna's Climate, Culture and Economy departments, is organized by KunstHausWien. Thanks to more than 60 cooperation partners, it covers the entire city. Further information may be found here. As part of the Biennale, a pop-up exhibition designed by students will take place from May 9-11, which is the result of the CCCA project "Climate, art and science - active together!".


11th European Conference on Positive Psychology in Innsbruck

  • Location: Innsbruck
  • Date: 10. – 13.06.2024

Join us for the 11th European Conference on Positive Psychology and share your contributions to the field of positive psychology. The conference aims to underscore the interconnectedness of human existence and explore the application of the science of well-being for collective flourishing. More informationen may be found here.


Change Maker Retreat

  • Date: 10. – 14.07.2024

Are you passionately committed to a better future? Are you passionate about what you do and trying to make a positive contribution to the world? We know from our own experience that this can sometimes become too much and you can easily overwork yourself. So that you don't run out of breath so quickly, the Change Maker Retreat will take place from July 10-14, 2024! This is your opportunity to recharge your batteries, refocus and recharge your batteries for your projects in a like-minded community. More information & Early Bird tickets here.


5th International Conference on Recycling and Reuse

  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Date: 05. – 06.07.2024

More information may be found here.


Perspectives of a scientific work program for social and ecological restructuring

  • Location: Institut für Politikwissenschaft (Universitätsstraße 7/2, 1010 Wien)
  • Date: 02.07.2024, 09:30 – 16:15

The Vienna Chamber of Labour and the Institute for Political Science at the University of Vienna are organizing a workshop to sound out the requirements of a scientific work programme for social and ecological restructuring. The focus will be on wage earners in all their life situations and interests. Please register by May 23rd at the latest by sending an email to More information may be found here.


2nd Global Transdisciplinarity Conference

  • Location: UWK Krems
  • Date: 26.06. – 30.06.2024

As part of the 2nd Global Transdisciplinarity Conference, events will also be held at the UWK Krems. The following topics will be discussed: Urban Living Labs, Legal Basis for the Establishment of Nature-human Protection Zones, Floods: their drivers and complex consequences and The Role of Institutions of Research & Education in a (Poly-)Crisis World. You can find more information here.


Changing the climate and care work crisis together

  • Location: Café Phönix, Münzgrabenstrasse 103, 8010, Graz
  • Date: 12.06.2024, 10:00 – 14:00

Women suffer more than men from the consequences of the climate crisis. At the same time, there are gender-related differences both in the climate footprint and in the preferred solutions. This has been scientifically proven many times over. Gender equality as a recovery program for our world shaken by the climate crisis is a recommendation derived from this by various think tanks. Without gender justice, there can be no climate justice. In a workshop format, the basics of the connections between climate and gender will be presented and/or refreshed. Contribution towards expenses: €15.00. Please register by Monday, May 27.


Workshop of the CCCA WG Social-Ecological Transformation

  • Location: BOKU University
  • Date: 10.06.2024, 16:00 – 18:00

The workshop will focus on the topic of "Teaching the competencies of transformative research - cross-university exchange" and will address the following questions: Which transformative research competencies, skills, expertise, attitudes and methods do we teach in our courses/modules/study programs? How do we design the teaching/learning process? What resources do we draw on - what resources can we build up together?


klimaaktiv Conferenz

  • Location: Orangery Schönbrunn & Apothekertrakt, 1130 Vienna, entrance: Schlossstraße
  • Date: 10.06.2024, 10:00 – 18:00

The klimaaktiv Annual Conference 2024 is also the 20th anniversary of Austria's largest climate protection initiative. Under the headline "Right in the middle of the energy and mobility transition", we will look back together on what has been achieved and venture a look into the future. Because one thing is certain: the challenges and the need for an initiative like klimaaktiv have not diminished over the years - on the contrary!


SDGVisionPath - Exploring and shaping paths to a sustainable future

  • Location: BOKU, Ilse-Wallentin-Haus, Seminar room ILWA-EG2
  • Date: 06.06.2024, 13:30 – 17:30
The ACRP project SDGVisionPath, which was created in the course of UniNEtZ I cooperations, cordially invites all interested parties to the last stakeholder workshop to discuss, put together and recommend a package of measures for the achievement of SDG 1 & 10, SDG 8 and SDG 13 and beyond. More information can be found here. Please register at by May 28.

Long Night of Research

  • Date: 24.05.2024, 17:00 – 23:00

Join in, be amazed, discover! The Long Night of Research on May 24 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. once again invites you to be inspired by science and research. Our partner universities, research institutions and companies will be presenting innovative research activities and pioneering technologies in an understandable way for one evening. Admission is free.


Thinking-Hands: What can art do?

  • Location: Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Vienna
  • Date: 22.05.2024, 17:00 – 20:00

TheLectures for Future @ mdw in the summer semester 2024 have already started! They are open to students, staff and interested persons and deal with the connection between art, science and the topic of sustainable development. Katrin Funcke (illustrator), Stephanie Guse (artist and art philosopher) and Kristina Heldmann (children's book illustrator and author) are organizing the Thinking-Hands-Workshop, which will take place as part of the KlangBildKlang festival and will explore the potential of art and how artistic design processes and practices can contribute to social change.


UniNEtZ Carousel

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: 17.05.2024, 09:00 – 12:00

The UniNEtZ Carousel is a format that invites all UniNEtZ participants to exchange ideas on various topics. Anyone can offer slots on desired topics. Please send the registration for a slot to


Final event "Learning Analytics"

  • Location: Graz
  • Date: 15.05.2024

The event addresses the topic of learning analytics at universities and aims to discuss it from a variety of perspectives. More information may be found here. Registration is required by May 1, 2024.


UniNEtZ Future dialog

  • Location: Natural History Museum, Vienna
  • Date: 06.05.2024, 16:00 – 21:00

UniNEtZ cordially invites you to the UniNEtZ Future Dialogue. Transdisciplinary dialog with decision-makers is key to advancing the sustainable transformation in Austria. Building on the cooperation with the Austrian Parliament, the UniNEtZ Dialogue on the Future is intended to provide impetus on how the implementation of the UN SDGs can succeed in Austria according to the current state of research. With the presentation of our UniNEtZ Components for the future, we are creating a concrete offer to support decision-making processes in the sense of a socio-ecological transformation. You are welcome to send your expression of interest in participating in the event in advance to Admission to the museum is only possible with registration!


GAIA Annual Conference: Impactful organizations

  • Location: Eberswalde, Germany
  • Date: 26. – 27.04.2024

In the field of sustainability sciences, a growing number of universities and non-university research institutions that see themselves as pioneers, companions and initiators of a sustainability transformation are visible and reflect on their own actions accordingly. A central challenge seems to be finding and defining their own role in the field of tension between scientific excellence and social relevance. The focus here is on the questions of what impact such institutions want to and can achieve, how this can be measured and how incentive systems can be developed to promote an orientation towards social effectiveness. These questions will be explored together at the annual conference. You can find more information here.


The climate crisis & its solutions

  • Location: Stockwerk Jazz (Jakominiplatz 18, 8010 Graz)
  • Date: 24.04.2024, 18:30

We invite you to our information evening at Stockwerk Jazz. Together we want to discuss the current challenges of the climate crisis and talk about solutions. Let's get active together and make a contribution to climate protection! For climate protection as a fundamental right in the Austrian constitution. Registration is requested. Further information can be found here.


Darmstadt Days of Transformation 2024

  • Location: Darmstadt, Germany
  • Date: 15. – 19.04.2024

Over the course of five days, 15 events - including workshops, lectures and dialog forums - will take place on the Schader Campus. Together with experts from business, associations, trade unions, science, politics, civil society and local authorities, intensive work will be carried out on sustainable ideas, for example in the areas of education, construction, mobility, design, the circular economy, artificial intelligence, renewable energies and funding for sustainability. Further information may be found here.


UniNEtZ Carousel

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: 12.04.2024, 09:00 – 12:00

The UniNEtZ Carousel is a format that invites all UniNEtZ participants to exchange ideas on various topics. Anyone can offer slots on desired topics. Please send the registration for a slot to


24. Austrian Climate Day

  • Location: TU Wien
  • Date: 02. – 04.04.2024

The Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA), together with the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), is pleased to invite you to the 24th Austrian Climate Day! It will take place from April 02 to 04, 2024 at the premises of the Vienna University of Technology. More informationen may be found here.


UniNEtZ Carousel

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: 08.03.2024, 09:00 – 12:00

The UniNEtZ Carousel is a format that invites all UniNEtZ participants to exchange ideas on various topics. Anyone can offer slots on desired topics. Please send the registration for a slot to


Interactive poster exhibition for International Women's Day

  • Location: University of Innsbruck, Agnes-Heller-House
  • Date: 06.03.2024, 11:30

On March 6, an interactive poster exhibition will take place on March 8 - International Women's Day, which is celebrated internationally as a feminist day of struggle in its political significance. The poster exhibition at the UIBK makes it possible not only to deal with sustainability in the context of the UniNEtZ, but also to use the developed content in a sustainable way, to illuminate it in different contexts and to explore it in new ways. In this case, the focus is on aspects of the social dimension of sustainability and the sustainable development goal gender equality (SDG 5) - using the example of the SDG 5 posters created by communication designer Elisabeth Kopf, which were presented in the Austrian Parliament in December 2022. The aim of the interactive poster exhibition is to enable interaction in public and thus encourage participants and passers-by alike to reflect.


Earth4All in Austria: Turnaround inequality

  • Location: Unipark Nonntal Salzburg (Hörsaal Agnes Muthspiel)
  • Date: 05.03.2024, ab 16:00

The event on the "Inequality Turnaround" will take place at the University of Salzburg in cooperation with the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, the Mozarteum University and UniNEtZ. Sharing Dividends", the new Club of Rome report describes the problems of economic inequality, the levers that would lead to a Giant Leap towards more equality, as well as hurdles and obstacles along the way. A high-level keynote from the internationaal Club of Rome will be followed by a discussion with experts, stakeholders and practitioners on this topic. Registration and more information on the program may be found here.


the flourishing society

  • Location: Café Merkur, Wien
  • Date: 28.02.2024, 19:00

At the 4th round table, everything revolves around storytelling under the motto "Zukunftsgschichtldruckerei".

We are looking for stories that inspire the courage to imagine a future worth living; that make it clear that a good life can be found in the here and now; that tell of community and our connection in the ecosystem and that show that people are motivated to contribute to the well-being of others. You can find more information here.


Transformationsstreit: Tourismus in Tirol

  • Location: Die Bäckerei — Kulturbackstube, Innsbruck
  • Date: 28.02.2024, 19:00

As the name suggests, the Transformation Controversy is about social change and conflict. We bring the important questions of transformation to the dance floor and make the discrepancies dance.
Tourism is a leading industry in Tyrol. Tourism is also a form of identification, pride in the beautiful landscape, the tin avalanche, the Piefke saga and the basis of life for many valleys. In times of climate change and sustainability, tourism must change. But how? In which direction? What do we want to expand and what do we want to reduce? Karin Seiler, Managing Director of Tirol Werbung, and Christian Baumgartner, Professor of Sustainable Tourism at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden, discuss these questions. More informations may be found here.


UniNEtZ Carousel

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: 16.02.2024, 09:00 – 12:00

The UniNEtZ Carousel is a format that invites all UniNEtZ participants to exchange ideas on various topics. Anyone can offer slots on desired topics. Please send the registration for a slot to


18th Energy Future Symposium

  • Location: TU Graz
  • Date: 14. – 16.02.2024

The symposium is organized by the Institute for Electricity Economics and Energy Innovation at TU Graz together with the co-organizers Austrian Association for Electrical Engineering, Oesterreichs Energie and the Austrian National Committee of the World Energy Council. Over 230 expert speakers and around 700 participants from science, industry and administration will discuss the latest findings and solutions to a wide range of topics. More Information may be found here.


Exhibition & Symposium: This Is Not a Glacier. Thickening Description for Thinning Ice

  • Location: Georg-Coch-Platz 2, 1010 Wien
  • Date: 26.01.2024, 15:00 – 18:00

We welcome you to our symposium and exhibition to sit together, share observations, ask questions, and reevaluate preconceptions about the glacier’s being and our own complicity in the destruction of this landscape. More information may be found here.


UniNEtZ Carousel

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: 12.01.2024, 09:00 – 12:00

The UniNEtZ Carousel is a format that invites all UniNEtZ participants to exchange ideas on various topics. Anyone can offer slots on desired topics. Please send the registration for a slot to


UniNEtZ Carousel

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: 15.12.2023, 09:00 – 12:00

The UniNEtZ Carousel is a format that invites all UniNEtZ participants to exchange ideas on various topics. Anyone can offer slots on desired topics. Please send the registration for a slot to


ExLibris: Future-oriented sustainable urban development

  • Location: Darmstadt
  • Date: 06.12.2023, 18:30 – 20:30

Inner-city neighborhoods have great potential with regard to the sustainability model of a "city of short distances". The transdisciplinary team of authors of the book "Zukunftsorientierte nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung: eine transdisziplinäre Untersuchung am Beispiel eines innerstädtischen Quartiers" has dedicated itself to this topic from a scientific and practical perspective and is in part a guest in the ExLibris event series. Further information and registration can be found here.


UniNEtZ beWEGt - Universities "We build bridges - between university and city

  • Location: GeiWi Vorplatz, Campus Innrain
  • Date: 29.11.2023, 14:00 – 16:00

From November 27, to December 02, 2023, the University of Innsbruck will host its first Sustainability Week. Within this framework, contributors of UniNEtZ will organize a workshop/dialogue walk about the future of universities. The goal of UniNEtZ beWEGt is to discuss, develop and carry forward concrete proposals for the transformation of universities and to take the first steps towards their implementation and to strengthen cross-university cooperation. You can find the entire program here.


Safer Cities – Safer Public Spaces in Austria

  • Location: Ilse-Wallentin-Haus, Peter-Jordan-Straße 82, 1190 Wien
  • Date: 27.11.2023, 16:00

As part of the UN action "Orange the World", the 16 Days against Violence against Women, UN Women Austria in cooperation with the BOKU Coordination Office for Gender Equality, Diversity and Disability and with the support of UniNEtZ invites you to the panel discussion Safer Cities - Safer Public Spaces in Austria. More Information may be found here.


Agenda 2030 conference for cities and municipalities | A thought experiment

  • Location: Bregenz
  • Date: 23. – 24.11.2023

In terms of SDG implementation we got HALF TIME! Just like in soccer, the 1st half of the game is analyzed during the break and tactics for the 2nd half are developed from it. What have we learned along the way so far? What are successful strategies in implementation? What levers need to be flipped for transformation to succeed at multiple levels? More information and registration may be found here.


BNE Online Academy on Climate Protection and Circular Economy

  • Location: Online
  • Date: 17.11.2023

Under the motto "Re:create our future - Education for a climate-friendly society", the BNE Online Academy 2023 will provide creative impulses on how the future can be rethought and shaped through education. Due to limited places, registration is requested at


Health, Tourism and Climate

  • Location: Bad Gleichenberg
  • Date: 10. – 13.10.2023

The conference brings together some of the TOP researchers:in the field of climate change and tourism, such as Daniel Scott, Susanne Becken and Paul Peeters, but also in the field of climate, health and tourism. More information may be found here.


3. SDG-Hub Stakeholder-Workshop

  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: 29.09.2023, 11:00 – 12:30

In the third stakeholder workshop, the project team presents the LITE version of the visual analytics dashboard and discusses needs and open questions with the participants. The SDGHUB Dashboard is available for numerous target groups, such as companies, media, start-ups, government, NGOs or researchers. Contribute your perspective so that the SDGHUB dashboard can be optimized to answer questions questions from your field of work can be optimized! Please register via the registration link by 27.09.


CCCA writing workshop

  • Location: Innsbruck
  • Date: 26. – 27.09.2023

The Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA) invites to the CCCA writing workshop for climate researchers! The workshop "From Papers to the Press" on dealing with journalists and the media will take place with the editorial office of DOSSIER. 20 free places will be offered! Please register until August 20 to


Summer School: Transdisciplinarity methods and tools for dealing with sustainability and land use conflicts

  • Location: Berlin
  • Date: 17. – 22.09.2023

The aim of the summer school is to gain insight into the basics and challenges of transdisciplinary research and practice.
More information can be found here.


Summer Academy: The Great Transformation

  • Location: Linz
  • Date: 13. – 19.08.2023

In line with the title THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION, the call is addressed to young scholars and artists versed in cultural studies who have a central interest in cultural studies and the guiding theme (the political of climate change, queer-gender media perspectives, the transformation of human-animal worlds, and the influence of media on these controversies). The IFK_Summer Academy 2023 will elaborate a tour d'horizon of this social transformation. The application deadline is March 26, 2023.
Detailed information and application forms can be found here.


Summer camp culturally aware: spaces create access

  • Location: Darmstadt
  • Date: 03. – 06.08.2023

An interdisciplinary and intercultural summer camp attracts young people from science or the beginnings of professional life to Darmstadt.
Click here for the flyer of the summer camp.


GEM Silkway- Towards Energy Transition

  • Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Date: 23.3 – 30.07.2023

Energy transition (i.e. the replacement of the fossil energy mix by a stable decarbonized, renewable energy mix) is a huge worldwide challenge. For the EU, that leads this process, energy transition is also a categorical imperative towards energy security. Consequently, the alignment of the public policies of the EU community on these crucial issues, with the introduction of CO2 emission rates and other strict environmental regulations, is now a reality. However, in the EU and elsewhere, there are persisting differences within and among nations and regions engaged in energy transition. A more ample and profound view of the process requires new models and a wide discussion based on technical aspects together with economic, cultural, historical and socioeconomic factors. In this moving scenario, that offers unprecedented opportunities, GEM-SILKWAY 2023 - EASTERN EUROPE Edition is ready to contribute to knowledge and dissemination.


Summer University: Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems

  • Location: Vienna
  • Date: 17.07. – 04.08.2023

The application for the Summer University "Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS, 5 ECTS)" is now open! The AEMS Summer University is open to motivated applicants from all fields of study and focuses on providing alternatives to the economic status quo. International participants will explore the limits to growth and the instabilities of the financial system and learn why drastic systemic change is necessary to stabilize the world's climate at 1.5°C. Through an interdisciplinary and holistic program, they will learn about different approaches to solving this problem.
Apply here!


Summer University: Green.Building.Solutions

  • Location: Vienna
  • Date: 15.08. – 06.08.2023

The application for the Summer University "Green.Building.Solutions. (GBS, 7 ECTS) is already possible! In close exchange with experts, subject-specific content on sustainable architecture and ecological building will be taught and discussed. It is primarily aimed at students and professionals from the fields of architecture, planning and engineering. The interdisciplinary program includes a series of lectures and excursions, as well as a final project work.
Apply here!


Young Researcher Forum On Sustainable Biomass And Climate Change

  • Location: Venedig
  • Date: 03. – 04.07.2023

From July 3 to July 4, 2023 the Young Researcher Forum on Sustainable Biomass and Climate Change, SusBiC, will gather young researchers of all the different disciplines involved in the topic. It aims at presenting the current understanding and the current knowledge in a multidisciplinary context such as to create a common knowledge base across disciplines for enabling more interconnected approaches to solve the pressing problem.


Head out of the sand! klimaaktiv Conference 2023

  • Location: Palais Auersperg, Auerspergstraße 1, 1080 Wien
  • Date: 26.06.2023, 10:00 – 18:00

Not to be discouraged despite current challenges, but to discover new perspectives and actively work on shaping our future. The keynote address by Volker Quaschning, professor of regenerative energy systems and science communicator, shows that there are already viable solutions to help us do this.


Social responsibility in the climate crisis

  • Location: BOKU Wien
  • Date: 21.06.2023, 14:00 – 18:00

In the context of this scientific BOKU conference, the currently burning question of how far the social responsibility of science extends in times of climate crisis will be critically examined. Three lectures will highlight the necessity, meaningfulness and legal framework of various scientific activities as a response to the climate crisis. A prominent panel discussion will conclude the event.
More information can be found here.


2. SDG HUB Stakeholder-Workshop

  • Location: online
  • Date: 15.06.2023, 14:50 – 15:50

In the second stakeholder workshop, the project team will present the LITE version of the Visual Analytics Dashboard and discuss needs and open questions with the participants. The SDG HUB Dashboard is relevant for numerous target groups, such as companies, media, start-ups, administration, NGOs or researchers.
More information about the program and registration can be found here.


20 years of university law

  • Location: University Vienna
  • Date: 12.06.2023, 09:00 – 13:30

The Trilateral Meeting 2023 will focus on governance and discuss it from different perspectives: How has it been implemented, how has it worked, is there a need for further development, and if so, in which direction? However, it is not only the governance of the universities by the ministry that will be addressed, but also, in particular, the governance within the universities in the interaction of the rectorate, the university council and the senate. The modes of appointment of the individual bodies will also be discussed, as well as the distribution of tasks between them.
Information, program and registration can be found here.


Darmstadt Days of Transformation 2023

  • Location: Schader-Campus | Goethestr. 2 | 64285 Darmstadt
  • Date: 12. – 16.06.2023

At the Dialogue on Social-Ecological Transformation, the focus this year is on the change processes of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). More information can be found here.


Symposium: Sustainability in Science (SISI)

  • Location: Berlin
  • Date: 06. – 07.06.2023

The sixth SISI Symposium "Towards a Sustainable Higher Education and Science System" will take place on 06 and 07 June 2023 in Berlin in cooperation with the German Rectors' Conference (HRK).
Current information can be found here.


Symposium Radical University

  • Location: Vienna
  • Date: 06. – 07.06.2023

The symposium negotiates the future of education in times of radical change and brings together national and international actors in the discourse on education to develop radical perspectives on the institution of the university. It asks about the society-building power of the university and illuminates interdisciplinarity as well as the dialogue between art and science in the field of tension of social relevance and responsibility.

More information can be found here.


EU Green Week

  • Location: Online
  • Date: 05., 06. & 11.06.2023

EU Green Week is an annual event celebrating environmental policy. This year, the focus of the Partner Events on skills for sustainable, resilient and socially just communities. Oikos Graz is offering three virtual partner events:
Info and registration workshop on 05.06. here.
Info and registration talk on 06.06. here.
Info and registration workshop on 11.06. here.


Transformation through cooperation

  • Location: Graz
  • Date: 02. – 04.06.2023
  • :

The question of how we can make our food system more sustainable, fairer and more democratic is the focus of this event. Under the motto "Transformation through Cooperation", the invitation is extended to Graz.
More information and the registration can be found here.


Maloca mundial: Learning climate justice from each other

  • Location: Online
  • Date: 01.06.2023, 15:00 – 17:00

In the context of the Maloca Mundial, the traditional agricultural system in the rainforest at the Rio Negro and "non-human-zones", fallow land in Weitra, Wallendorf, Breitenbrunn and Capodimonte / Naples will be discussed. As discussants, the ecologist João Gabriel Raphaelli from the ISA and the artist Edgar Honetschläger from GoBugsGo will meet in the virtual longhouse Maloca Mundial to exchange ideas.
More information can be found here.


Open Art Final event

  • Location: Prospekthof der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien
  • Date: 30.05.2023, 18:00 – 21:00

The Open Innovation in Science Center of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft and the Knowledge Transfer Center of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna cordially invite you to the closing event of the long-standing cooperation OPEN ARTS.

More information can be found here. Click here for registration and program.


GAIA annual conference: transformation of universities and the role of transformative research

  • Location: Innsbruck
  • Date: 21.04.2023

The UniNEtZ project will be presented at the GAIA annual conference in the afternoon, and the topic of transformation of universities, based on the aforementioned policy statement, will be explored in greater depth during a panel discussion.


Südwind Academy

  • Location: Mutters, Tirol
  • Date: 17. – 19.03.2023

What exactly are the problems and challenges in the current global food system? What do experts from the global south report about the grievances in agriculture and about concrete possibilities for action? AND: How can we change something together and become active?
At the Südwind-Academy, answers to these questions will be developed in exchange with national and international experts and activists, and the topic of activism and action planning will be dealt with extensively. Info and registration here.


Forum Focus Research

  • Location: Zentrum Fokus Forschung, Vienna
  • Date: 01.03.2023, 12:00 – 14:00

On March 1, the UniNEtZ-SP III at the Angewandte will host the 1st Forum Focus on Research. The aim is to look at the potentials and challenges of SDG-related and transformation-oriented research along concrete activities in the SDG groups of the UniNEtZ, to discuss them in perspective and thereby to work together on a research-driven mission for the UniNEtZ. Registration is requested (Jens Badura - jens.badura(a)


SDG mid-term - a livable world for all by 2030?

  • Location: University of Life Sciences, Ilse-Wallentin-Haus
  • Datum: 11. October 2022, 13 – 18

Are we on the right track in Austria? How successful are we on our way? What steps do we need to take to implement these goals?

In the event "SDG Halftime" we want to discuss these questions together with you from an Austrian perspective. Th
Registration please per Mail to (Subject "SDGs")
More Information may be found here.


Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation

  • Date: 4. – 6. October 2022
  • Location: Hannover

The Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation is the largest specialist conference for science communication in the German-speaking world. The conference is organized annually by Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD), the joint organization of German science for science communication. The Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation 2022 is planned as a face-to-face conference in Hannover from October 4 to 6.

More information here.


Td Summer School: Transdisciplinary Research at the Science · Society Interface

  • Location: Wien
  • Date: 4. – 9. Septembre 2022

We are pleased to announce that the Td Summer School: Transdisciplinary Research at the Science · Society Interface will be conducted between September 4-9, 2022 in Vienna, Austria. It is designed to prepare researchers and practitioners for joint research and action to tackle societal problems. The Td Summer School 2022 will be convened by the Responsive Research Collective,
UniNEtZ Austria and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The application deadline is 24. June 2022.

Further Informationen:


European Missions - National Implementation

  • Location: Online
  • Date: 2. June 2022, 10:00–12:00

The implementation of the European missions is picking up speed! The event informs about the status of the national recommendations for action for the implementation of the 5 EU missions (Soil, Waters, Climate, Cities, Cancer) in Austria.

Agenda and registration can be found here:


22. Austrian Climate Day

  • Location: Vienna
  • Date: 20.–22. April 2022

The 22nd Climate Day will take place under the motto "Pushing boundaries: science, art, climate" from April 20 to 22, 2022 in Vienna. This time, the Climate Day will be conceived and held in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology.

More information may be found here.


Handover of the UniNEtZ options report

  • Date: 1. March 2022

On March 1, Hans Stötter, Reinhold Lang, Helga Kromp-Kolb and Franziska Allerberger handed over the approximately 150 options for action that had been developed over the past 3 years to Vice Chancelor Werner Kogler and Federal Minister Karoline Edtstadler and thus to the federal government.


Development University Weeks Linz 2021

  • Location: Linz
  • Date: 8–30 November 2021

Development University Weeks will take place in Linz from 8-30 November 2021.

A wide range of events on SDG topics will take place under the title "Development where to? The series of events offers panel discussions, renowned speakers, workshops, film screenings and much more. All events are open to the public and free of charge.
More information may be found here.


Call for abstracts: Climate Day 2022

  • Submission deadline: 4th November 2021

The 22nd Climate Day will take place under the motto "Pushing boundaries: science, art, climate" from 20 to 22 April 2022 in Vienna. This time, the Climate Day will be conceived and organised in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology.

There are the following types of submission:

  • Talks and poster contributions for the general scientific sessions incl. artistic research projects
  • Art, design and architecture projects
  • Poster contributions to the ACRP Quality Assurance for 2022 in the presence of the ACRP Steering Committee
  • CCCA Young Investigator Award 2022

A collection of answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.


Staging climate change

  • Moderation: Sybille Chiari
  • Panel guests: Werner Boote, Natalie Driemeyer, Martina Fröschl, Marlies Wirth
  • Location: Museum of Applied Arts (Lecture Hall), Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna
  • Date: September 30th 2021, 18:00-21:00

Together with pioneers of (climate) art and culture, scientists and the audience, we want to discuss the role of the art and culture sector in climate communication.

Further information can be found here (.pdf)

Online Workshop Transdisciplinary Education

  • Date: September 27th 2021, 15:00–18:00
  • Location: Online

In the spirit of living transdisciplinarity, the online workshop from transdisciplinary research to transdisciplinary education at the 1st Global Transdisciplinary Conference at Danube University Krems will bring together students, teachers, scientists as well as responsible persons and politicians in the field of education to discuss opportunities and challenges of transdisciplinary cooperation in school and university education.

If you are interested, please contact the AG Education and Communication for Sustainable Development (Institute of Geography, University of Innsbruck):

More information can be found here (.pdf).


Global Conference on the Human Right to Quality Education

  • Location: Vienna (Uni Wien)
  • Date: September 21st – 23rd 2021

Discuss with experts on issues of education for sustainable development, academic freedom and civic space, and access to education for migrants. Be there to become a part of an ambitious agenda that will turn these commitments into action!

More information (.pdf)


Focus Climate 2021 - Partizipativer Workshop

  • Lecturer: Mike Schäfer (Universität Zürich), Reto Dettli (econcept AG), Christian Zeyer (Swisscleantech), Stéphanie Moser (Universität Bern), Mischa Croci-Maspoli (Meteoschweiz), Peter Cuony (groupe e SA)
  • Date: June 18th 2021,13:30–19:00

On Friday, June 18, 2021, the foundations Science et Cité and TA-SWISS will conduct the participatory workshop Focus Climate. With videos in advance, decentralized workshops and livestream will be possible to carry out. In the afternoon the participants can exchange ideas in various workshops in Bern. In the evening, a panel discussion between experts will take place. It will be broadcast via livestream and is thus accessible to a broad audience. The exact schedule will be communicated to the participants in June.

Registration for the workshops is now possible until June 6 and the number of participants is limited due to the protection concept.

More information here (.pdf).

Österreichischer Klimatag

  • Date: April 12th and 13th 2021
  • Location: Online

The "Österreichische Klimatag" is a scientific conference that aims to provide an overview of current Austrian research activities in the fields of climate change, impacts, adaptation as well as mitigation. Furthermore, the "Österreichischer Klimatag" has become the central showcase of research activities financed by the Climate and Energy Fund. Furthermore, the "Österreichische Klimatag" serves the networking of natural science, socio-economic as well as humanities and cultural science disciplines and promotes the exchange between basic research, applied research and users. A special focus is therefore placed on the cooperation and dialogue with stakeholders from politics and administration as well as the networking with practitioners, research promoters and business operators. Further information here.


UniNEtZ-Optionenbericht: Im Zeichen von UniNEtZ II

  • Datum: 3. Dezemer 2021; 10:00-14:00 Uhr
  • Ort: online via Zoom

Nach der feierlichen Übergabe des Optionenberichts steht der 3. Dezember 2021 ganz im Zeichen von UniNEtZ II. Hier sollen gemeinsam Ideen oder auch erste Szenarien der transdiziplinären Zusammenarbeit ko-kreativ im Dialog zwischen beteiligten Universitäten und Akteur_innen aus der Gesellschaft entwickelt werden.