Covid 19 - A scientific systems view or "the map is not the territory"

  • Lecturer: Prof. Christoph Mandl
  • Location: Online
  • Date: December 3rd 2020

In this online lecture, the Covid 19 pandemic is viewed from a different angle. Mathematician Prof. Christoph Mandl puts the daily presented figures about the Covid 19 pandemic to the test. What do they mean and how should they be dealt with? Questions can also be clarified in a discussion round afterwards.

Please register for one session only. The content will be repeated. Limited number of participants.


Lecture in the framework of the event trilogy – “SDG 17: Global cooperation in times of nationalism”

  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker
  • Location: Linz
  • Date: 12. November 2020, 18:00–20:00